Just checking in again with the mundane.

My Chinese Wife: I don’t have one. I don’t know why everyone in the UK was obsessed with me getting married when I came abroad. Even the nurse giving me travel jabs made a comment along the lines of “of course you’ll get a Chinese girl when you’re out there.” I went to Germany in summer and managed not to get hitched. Also, wives and women in general are not just for the taking ( don’t worry, I haven’t changed ).

Smog: It’s been like this recently..

Bad Smog

Remain Indoors
Remain Indoors

Bike Accidents: Had two in one night this week. One time I crashed into a Chinese girl ( who I didn’t marry afterwards ) who was cycling on the wrong side of the road and seemed all surprised. I fell off, she didn’t. I got up and cycled off. The second time was on the way home in the rain and I was going quite quick and took a corner pretty sharp, forgot that I’m no Daniel Riccardo, and my bike went down like a crash at the Isle of Man TT ( minus the spectators ). Bike survived. Hip hurts.

Pub Quiz: Now a regular at the pub quiz at Lush. Placed first on one occasion and have got such questions right as naming the 1955 military alliance between USSR and the Eastern Bloc states ( Warsaw Pact ), Jesus’ disciple known for doubting ( Thomas ), and number of ( official ) James Bond films ( 24, I named them all as well ). You’ll see me there every Wednesday. Thursday morning class is a struggle.

Being Foreign: Got interviewed by a kid in a bar. He wanted to know what it was like being a foreigner in Beijing for a school survey he’s doing. Told him Beijing is my favourite place ( I haven’t been anywhere else yet ). Also seem to be getting shamelessly stared at, even on the Tsinghua Campus, where you’d think the students are used to seeing us Laowai. I assume it’s cause I’m foreign.

Exams: They’re all over. What more can you ask for. Will have to see about results. Pass mark is 60% in China.

Getting Adopted: Made friends with a guy from my Kungfu class who works in the canteens. He got Jin and me a free meal and we ate with him, his wife, and a little Chinese girl so cute I want to run off a peer. Hoping that they’ll talk me on full time in their family.

Korean Music: Went to a Korean rock concert last night. Students from the local unis doing covers of English/American and Korean songs. I went with Korean friends, and it was all Koreans in there. Never been so tall, so white, and so ginger all at once. I could definitely get into K-Pop though.


Internet: A lot of things are blocked ( Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, probably WordPress ). Don’t know the specific reasons why. Everyone uses VPNs which mean you send your connection to another ( less censored ) country and then you can get on all the usual stuff ( currently writing from Melbourne.. ). So to clear up: Yes, a lot of things are blocked; Yes, I can still get on the normal internet.

Gin: Chinese don’t really drink it. Nowhere has a good selection. Perhaps a Christmas present..

James Bond: Saw it. English, Chinese subtitles. £3. Not too shabby.